Camp Hope

TOPPENISH, WA - Camp Hope is looking forward to return to it's semi-permanent location in Yakima.

"Ugh! The move is terrible, but if we have to do it, we have to do it," said Judy McDuffy who has been with Camp Hope for 11 months.

For the most part Camp Hope is typically located on 2300 East Birch Street in Yakima, expect for twice a year.

"We're a temporary facility on city property, and so part of the vacation that we are on, with the move out is because of the fact that the city decided for every six months we're on the property we have to leave for 2 weeks," said Mike Kay Director, Camp Hope.

This time around the shelter has had to move twice.They were first at the Yakima Sportsman State Park, they are now at a facility within Yakama Nation in Toppenish and Kay says these moves are not easy on people.

"We saw over half our population not come on the move with us, because it was so traumatic for them to even move," said Kay.

Those who have stuck with the shelter despite the moves say they can't wait till they are back at the Yakima location.

Heather Hardman, who has been with Camp Hope since March says, "It feels good to have someone like them help you because you have that support."

Both Judy and Heather say Camp Hope is a shelter that truly helps provide a better life.

"If Camp Hope gets shut down a lot of us would be back on the streets, probably in jail. Some of us would go back to mission, but majority of us would be back in the streets or in jail because we'll slip back into our old ways, like doing drugs, alcohol and stuff like that and to be honest none of us need to slip back into that," said Hardman.

During these moves when numbers go down Kay says they stay in touch with folks who did not come along so that when they return to their semi-permanent location in Yakima they don't have to start from zero with them.

Camp Hope will be back at the location off Birch street on June 3rd.

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