RICHLAND, WA - For the last 37 years Jim Jamison has been harvesting a variety of cherries on his 1.8 acre plot in Richland, but it’s not just about business the orchard is where he calls home, and each year he looks forward to all the visitors.   

"Families with many small children, occasionally someone who has been with us for 30 years, and we are just delighted in seeing them back every year, that is part of the joy," Jim tells NBC Right Now. 

However, Jim will be the first to tell you bringing these cherries to life is a whole lot of work. From bloom to full ripen the process takes about 63 days, during that time his job is to keep the cherries safe from outside elements. 

"During that time there’s a lot of bad things that can happen.. when it comes to frost... also, various diseases, and we just try to keep them happy and sprayed as needed until we get to this point until all we need to worry about is rain," Jim explains. 

And while our local drought has been tough on most for local cherry growers it’s actually a good thing, too much rain or moisture can split cherries and damage crops.

But this year's harvest is showing some great and tasty results. This season Jim says he expects to unload at least six tons of local cherries.

If you want in you’ll have until June 23nd to pick yours up- after that he predicts they will all be gone.

For more information: 

Jamison's Cherries 

E 266 PR NE 

Richland, WA 99352

(509) 438-5740

You can also find other local growers at: 

Northwest Cherries (