Churches holding in-person services aganist stay home orrder

TRI-CITIES,WA- On Friday President Donald Trump made an announcement asking for governors to allow places of worship to open for in person services.  

 In Washington state only drive-in services are available per governor Jay Inslee's mandate. One church in Richland decided to open up their doors for Sunday's service after hearing the President's message.
"Hearing that from our president we felt like let’s do a service let’s still do it very limited but let’s slowly move in the process of reopening," said Mark Middleton the Connections Pastor at Life Church 7 
Life Church only filled 25 percent of its capacity and socially distanced families inside the church. They put a row between each group and put two seats in between each group in the same row.

"People need hope right now they need love right now, they need community if we can do that in a way that is still socially distanced than let’s do that because we really feel like that Jesus is the hope of the world," said Middleton. 

 Another church open on Sunday was Calvary Church in Kennewick. Unlike Life Church they opened up last Sunday before the president's announcement. They say they opened up because they believe the governor's mandates are inconsistent and they believe he continues to move the goal posts. 


"We did keep the mandate up until it became an open ended thing and at that point it’s not a situation that I can reconcile with the bible the bible says Christians are supposed to meet, it is mandated in the Bible," said Steve Whinery, the Senior Pastor at Calvary.

NBC Right Now reached out to the governor's office about the president's statement and this is what he had to say:

"Gov. Jay Inslee’s office continues to work with spiritual leaders and health experts across the state to identify ways to do this safely. While we have read the president’s comments, there is no order and we think he understands at this point that he can’t dictate what states can or cannot open."