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UPDATED 8/09/2019

YAKIMA, WA - We've been following the story of a Yakima City council candidate knocking the phone out of a woman's hand after she followed him outside of a bar.

Now Kenton Gartrell is sharing his side of what happened and he says he was the one being harassed.

In a long Facebook message Gartrell says an argument had broken out between his friends and Carrion's friends earlier that night at a different bar.

He remembers his group decided moved to another bar, Brews and Cue's, in an attempt to get away from them, but then Carrion's group showed up. 

He said later on in the night the arguments started back up, so once again he decided to leave. That was when Carrion followed him out.

In regards to what happened in the video, Gartrell says, "I made a mistake and I regret that."

The owner of Brews and Cue's didn't want to be on camera. He told NBC Right Now that a bartender had to ask Gartell to leave because he had been using explicit language.

YAKIMA, WA - A video has been circulating around Facebook of a candidate for Yakima City Council knocking a phone from a woman's hand who was recording him.

In the Facebook post, the woman claims candidate Kenton Gartrell had harassed her throughout the night before the video was taken.

She says in the video: "Why were you disrespecting me like that? Why did you flip me off?"

Before the video was taken, Rocio Carrion says she was out at a bar with a few friends. Shortly after arriving to Brews and Cues, Yakima City Council candidate Kenton Gartrell came up to her.   

"All of a sudden I feel a man's arm over my shoulders and I reacted in shock," Carrion said. "Once I noticed who it was I instantly took off his hand and said 'please don't touch me.' "

Carrion says it took a few minutes for Gartrell to leave her alone, but later on in the night, he came back.

"Men at the table decided to do "el grito Mexicano," you know, that scream you do when you're excited when there's a really great song on, and some other latinx that were there started doing "el grito" as we noticed someone coming towards us... and we look over and it was Kenton and he started flipping us off."

Carrion believes she was targeted because of her ethnicity. 

"This was definitely racially motivated and I feel like I was personally attacked; even if I didn't get a punch in the face he obviously stated that I couldn't vote, he was racially targeting me in particular."

Carrion says she wants two things: an apology and to drop out.

"I would like for him to resign his candidacy; he is not the right candidate for District One. I live in District One, I am a constituent of District One. I don't even feel safe in my own district."

NBC Right Now reached out multiple times to Gartrell and got no reply. On his Facebook he posted the following statement:

"I went out drinking with some friends... this woman who had been harassing me all night followed me outside with her camera... I made a mistake and regret that."

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Carrion has filed a police report.

NBC Right Now also spoke with the Yakima City Manager, who tells us this is a police matter. Regardless of what happens, they will not be taking his name off the general election ballot as the city does not have the right to do so.

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