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PASCO, WA - The City of Pasco will begin issuing tickets ‪Monday, August 19 using its new electronic traffic control systems. 

The systems are installed at the intersections of Burden & Road 68 and Court & 20th Avenue, where the City and Pasco Police Department say many accidents happen. These accidents cause the most severe injuries and can be deadly, yet they are easily preventable. 

The police department decided to use a limited electronic traffic control (ETC) program to address this ongoing issue.

When the department is notified of the possible violation, a Pasco Police Officer reviews the photo to determine if a violation has occurred. Like any traffic stop, the officer will take several factors into account including the time of day, weather, number of vehicles observed in the area, pedestrians, and any other factor that the officer feels is relevant in making the decision.

If the officer determines there is no violation, the information is deleted. If the officer determines a violation has occurred, an infraction notice will be issued to the owner of the vehicle. 

The City says that in essence, the process is no different than if an officer stops a violator on the road and issues a citation; the one major distinction is that unlike a traffic citation, an ETC infraction does not impact a driving record.

“All revenues generated from the ETC program will be used only to cover program expenses and to help fund traffic safety improvements,” said City Manager Dave Zabell, adding, “With all other options reviewed, traffic volumes increasing and red light related incidents at high levels, the need to do something effective and efficient that will make a positive impact on public safety is important.”    

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