Pasco, WA - Summer heat is just one of the many obstacles our local police officers deal with every day.

Furthermore, working up to ten hour shifts in triple digit temperatures wearing a uniform that requires a heavy vest, belt, and gear is not easy to do.

The City of Pasco recently gave a solution to this problem by providing the police department with cooling devices that attach to the inside of officer patrol cars.

The device is called "the CoolCop," and makes heat one less thing officers have to worry about.

The device attaches to the inside of their air conditioning vents, and the connected hose allows cool air to pass through the other end of it, which is attached to their ballistic vest.

"It does get hot here in the summertime so it's another device to help the officers do their job and do it with a smile versus someone sweating with all that gear on after a ten hour shift," Sergeant Scott Warren said.

About 40 patrol cars recently got "CoolCops" installed. Each one costs about 70 dollars.

Officers have purchased them on their own before and installed them themselves, but this is the first time they've been given to the department as a whole, the Pasco Police Department said.

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