City of Richland sees an increase of illegal motorized vehicle activity on park land

RICHLAND, WA - The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the City of Richland ask the community to follow Federal and City rules after seeing an increase in motorized vehicles in a park. 

The property located behind Yokes and adjacent to the Badger Mountain Community Park and Dog Park has seen an increase in prohibited motor vehicle activity.

Both BLM and the City of Richland are asking residents to adhere to rules and guidelines for use. The BLM owns and maintains the land north of Keene Road and Cherry Blossom Loop in Richland.

Residents have been informed that the area identified is designated as a park. According to the terms of usage, motor vehicles are prohibited.  Extensive motorized use has caused property damage and also poses additional threats such as potential fire danger, blowing dust, and noise nuisances.

Other non-motorized recreational activities are encouraged including hiking, non-motorized biking, dog walking, etc. In addition, there are other opportunities in our region for lawful ORV use such as the Horn Rapids MX Course (COR) and Juniper Dunes (BLM).

Agency representatives and residents who live in the vicinity are asking for the public’s help to prevent further damage to the landscape and hope to restore the natural vegetation.

Access control measures are currently in place, signage has been posted and rangers will be enforcing the rules.

For more information regarding local and federal park rules, please refer to the following resources:

Richland Municipal Code Park Property 9.22.070

BLM Code of Federal Regulations Conditions of Use Subpart 8341