WAPATO, WA - Belinda and Venise are the sisters behind The Simple Goodness Sisters Cocktail farm in Wilkenson, Washington but they made their way to Yakima Valley for a special ingredient in a new syrup coming out in July.

Drum roll please.

The new syrup flavor has cucumbers, limes, jalapenos, and ghost peppers!

At first, they didn't think to put peppers, let alone ghost peppers, in a syrup. It wasn't until they visited an old friend at Krueger Pepper Gardens that sealed the deal they said.

Their old friend, Gale Krueger, gave them a bag full of ghost peppers and said, 'you got to put this in syrup!'

Belinda and Venise went to Krueger Pepper Gardens all the time growing up they said.

Krueger said he loves seeing these sisters now bringing their kids to the farm.

"The flavor inspiration came from this farm and now it's come full circle now that we are coming back to buy the crop for next year," said Belinda.

This is the first syrup with a vegetable ingredient said the sisters.

"It's also the first time using a product from this side of the state and featuring Yakima produce since most of our syrups have been made with the things we grow ourselves until this point," said Belinda.

This new syrup flavor will be featured in their July Club Box, filled with recipes not only for cocktails but also for waffles, ice cream and even salad dressing.