Community comes together to help homeless in Yakima

YAKIMA, WA- Through out the pandemic people have been struggling and the effort to help the homeless has grown to a community of people giving back.

Lisa Call and Kourtney Engelhardt are long time friends. As of late, people in the community has begun to know them as "The Sammich Girls."

The nickname came while they were out handing out sandwiches to homeless.

Call said "We started making some sandwiches. And it just started out as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and water. That was it."

"We both have a need of going out and doing what we can for anybody," said Kourtney Engelhardt.

In December "The Sammich Girls" starting going to give out food, warm clothes and, hygiene products.

After posting what they were doing on social media more people wanted to get involved.

Call said "They were like we want to help, we want to help. Some people they actually had family members pass away." she added that people "Really really wanted to help when they found out we were doing this so that no other person would die out there on the streets."

One person that started doing his part is jack smith, a 75-year-old Vietnam army veteran. Although Jack is quite shy he's happy to spend his free time knitting hats for people in need.

Others have been helping out with weekly and even daily donations...

"My gosh we have had clothing donations, feminine product donations, food, donations, hat donations, sock donations," said Engelhardt.

Ultimately the duo wants to make sure people know they are not alone.

Engelhardt said "I've been homeless and Lisa has as well. And we know, we've seen the struggle."

Their experience makes them want to help as many people are possible.

"I've been told that they feel like nobody does care about them because they are homeless. And when we come out there they said they can see that we care," said Call.

If you would like to provide any donations click here.