Comprehensive Healthcare brings First Episode Psychosis prgram to the Tri Cities

This year, up to 50 young people in the Tri Cities will experience their first psychotic episode.

Washington state first saw the need for a program to address this issue a few years ago. But up until now, the Tri Cities didn't have one.

It's called the New Journeys program, and it's led by Comprehensive Healthcare. The group says someone experiencing First Episode Psychosis will likely have hallucinations, mood swings, and delusional thinking. 

If Psychosis is correctly diagnosed and treated early, Comprehensive Healthcare says many problems can be prevented.

"Not everyone will experience a second episode, but it's likely. And usually one episode persists over time so it's not just one day. It's over weeks...sometimes months," Comprehensive Healthcare therapist Howard Graber said.

Every patient receives treatment from a team made up of a family therapist, individual therapist, case manager, and prescriber or psychologist.

Comprehensive Healthcare says their pilot program in Yakima started in 2015, and since then, they've seen highly effective results. To learn more about referrals to New Journeys, you can visit their website here.

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