New Police Chief

YAKIMA, WA - Since Yakima city leaders announced Matthew Murray as the new police chief, some concerns about his past have come up. This involves a case in which Murray was being investigated while serving as Deputy Chief for the Denver Police Department.

According to an article from the Denver post that investigation was about:

     "An investigation into Murray and former Chief Robert White was opened in March 2017 because of their handling of an open-records request for a letter critical of Murray's oversight of an internal investigation. They were accused of saying the letter did not exist when they knew it did. The letter eventually became public."

Yakima City Manager Cliff Moore says, "We were aware of this matter. When we first talked with Mr. Murray he self-disclosed it when he submitted his application and we thoroughly reviewed it."

Moore also explains how deeply the City looks into a candidate before offering them a position.

"For someone of this level we actually sent somebody to Denver who is interviewing police officers, police administrators, other members of the community to do a full and thorough background check on Mr. Murray," said Moore.

Moore says that after looking into the investigation in question and finding out that Murray was cleared of misconduct, he feels that Murray will be a great fit.

"He's an excellent policeman; he's been a police officer for 28 years in a large department. The breath and depth of his experience is extraordinary. As I think I've mentioned to you before he's been a homicide detective, he's worked major crimes, he's been on the street."

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