YAKIMA, WA - Homeowners could be overusing their heat without proper insulation, resulting in high-costing energy bills.


It becomes a problem when the residents are still cold even with the heat on high, said an Intermountain West Insulation sales associate, Aaron Sloan. 


In just a few minutes, an infrared insulation inspection can detect where insulation is needed most by the temperature of the walls.


"It's an easier solution than putting up with it, people will suffer and spend years dealing with high energy bills or living with the cold," said Sloan.


Sloan said they offer same-day inspections. Call (509) 469-0328 or head to their website


Many Yakima homes, especially trailer homes and houses built in the 70s, don't have any insulation said Sloan. 


David Diaz just bought a house in Yakima and quickly realized just that - no insulation. He said he was running his furnace constantly, but his family couldn't stay warm. 


After the infrared insulation inspection, Sloan was able to put in the proper insulation in Diaz's home. Diaz said he was thankful that they no longer had to be cold in their own home. 


"It's warm not just for me but as well for my family because I do have a special ed kid and he can't be in the cold," said Diaz.


Cascade Natural Gas and Pacific Power offer rebates to homeowners that properly install insulation.