ELLENSBURG, WA - Central Washington University (CWU) students were back in class on Thursday after the entire campus was on lockdown the previous night.

The lockdown was due to an active shooter alert, which turned out to be a false alarm.

"At 5:23 p.m. Kittcom dispatched campus police to Lind Hall to respond to reports of shots being fired. Two minutes later at 5:25 we issued an alert to the entire campus," said James Gaudino, President of CWU.

Students and faculty say they reacted quickly to the alert they received regarding an active shooter on school grounds.

"Dropped the shades, turned off the lights, and then we went up stairs and we got into a room for about half an hour," said Braden Swanson, student at CWU.

"Barricaded the doors and we were there for about 45 minutes or so," said Drew Moore, student at CWU.

After searching the entire campus, university police sent out another alert indicating all buildings were secured.

"Tonight's report of an active shooter on our campus turned out to be a false alarm," said Gaudino.

Campus police said they received three reports of shots fired and are currently investigating who could of placed the calls.

During those moments when no information was being released students said fear was being to lurk.

"I was definitely a little panicked because Lind is pretty close to our hall it's like right across the way, and so definitely a little bit worried, locked our doors and made sure we didn't go outside," said Rick Miller, student at CWU.

"Definitely didn't think it would happen here, especially just starting this quarter, but it's a good thing to know the police can respond real quick," said Codey Myrick, student at CWU.

With school shooting threats happening all too often one student said, you just don't know when it's real.

"We kinda felt a little desensitized to it and I think it's because of how common this has become, we were scared but we were also just trying to stay calm," said Daniela Bernal-Hinds, student at CWU.

The university wants students to know there are counseling services available if needed, which are at the Student Recreation Center.

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