The inside of 'baseball paradise.'

KENNEWICK, WA - A brand new business in Kennewick is getting ready for its big grand opening celebration. It's called D-BAT Columbia Basin. D-BAT is actually an international franchise, but the closest one is in Bothell, and then Arizona. 

The company motto? "Developing beliefs, attitudes and traditions."

"Baseball paradise," said one member.

"This place, I've been describing as a Chuck E. Cheese for baseball players," said an instructor.

It's for softball, too: fast pitch, slow pitch - and for users young and old. 

"It can be for anybody. People who are just starting playing baseball, people who have been playing for a while. People who just don't know what they're doing. They can come in, get a trainer. Just work on it," said Raymond Boggs, a 13-year-old D-BAT member.

"If I had this facility when I was growing up I'd probably still be playing," said D-BAT instructor JJ Hancock. He did play in college, but now he has turned his knowledge and love of the game into a job he loves. 

"All these parents have been coming and saying I changed their kid's perspective on baseball and i just think... I just told them to swing hard. It was all them," said Hancock.

It's all thanks to a fast pitch softball coaching power couple who wanted more for local athletes: Robert and Tammy Benson.

"Space is very limited in the Tri-Cities. So we decided to go big. We've got 20,000 square feet here," said Robert.

Seven instructor cages for camps, clinics, group or individual sessions. Four pitching machines with real baseballs and softballs. Three pitching tunnels. Two golf simulators, and even a gym.

"It's bigger than they thought.. they didn't think it was going to be this big. That's really the thing. They come in and their eyes kind of pop," said Tammy.

"They really care about the community and they're really focused on getting everyone involved and getting better at the sport that we all love. That's a big thing that this place does. It really builds people and makes them have fun doing this," said Hancock.

D-BAT Columbia Basin is hosting a grand opening celebration on Friday May 17 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The facility is located on West Hood Place in Kennewick. 

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