Dance for Change event brings awarness to Black Lives Matter movement

KENNEWICK, WA- Dozens of individuals went to Columbia Park Wednesday evening to participate in a unique Black Lives Matter demonstration.

The name of the event was called Dance for Change. Participants danced to several songs and learned routines, while they discussed what has been going on in the country and the Tri-Cities and why a change is needed. One goal event organizer, Cailey Wright who is a dance instructor, set out to complete was to connect different kinds of people to the cause in her own unique way. 

"No matter what, no matter who you are as long as everyone is coming together for the same cause to make a change in Tri-Cities and the community and the world nothing else should matter and it should be positive no matter what," said Wright.

Refreshments were provided and people had the chance to make signs as well. The group wore masks and socially distanced as they danced. Wright hopes events like these help keep the movement on the top of people's minds going forward. 

"I think that is the biggest point of what I am trying to do here is to make everyone aware and to understand that we are not alone and we are going to fight to make a change everyone together in the community," said Wright.  

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