Data shows crime numbers remain steady in Kennewick over the past decade

KENNEWICK, WA - Every now and then when our NBC Right Now reporters are out the field on a breaking news case, we receive messages and comments.

The context of the messages regards the "crime rise" in Kennewick.

Our NBC Right Now team reached out to the Kennewick Police Department about these comments.

Kennewick Police Department's website provides an annual report. The report is a 10-year comparison of crimes ranging from homicide cases, to car theft. The total numbers show crimes in Kennewick have decreased. 

There is one difference.

The report shows 4 homicide cases in 2018 alone, ranking it the the second highest number in a decade. There were 5 homicide cases in 2015, and 0 in 2009.

Although the Kennewick Police Department added officers and redesigned their patrolling areas in south Kennewick, crimes will still happen as the city continues to grow.

"More people more crime," said Lieutenant Aaron Clem with KPD. "Thankfully with our 2014 safety sales tax that our citizens passed to increase our ability to fight that crime and increase safety, we have been able to add additional officers, additional prosecutors and additional resources to help combat (crimes)"

To explain, in 2009, the Kennewick population reached 74,448. In 2018, that number increased to 82,943.

We tried reaching out to dozens of Kennewick residents - they chose not to speak on camera, but they mentioned it is more common seeing standoffs today than a few years ago.

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