Dateline NBC Comes To Town & NBC Right Now Takes You Behind The Scenes

PENDLETON, OR - Every Friday night on NBC you can catch them sharing compelling and exciting murder mysteries, but currently the Dateline crew is in Pendleton, Oregon preparing to tell a local story.

Sometimes it takes years of work. Dateline will follow active investigations that lead to dead ends or sometimes lead to intricate and complex stories. As correspondent Keith Morrison tells NBC Right Now, it's about meeting the people involved in a case and trying to see it through their eyes.

"Everything we do as human beings is a story. You go to the water fountain, you can break that down to a seven part drama."

Sometimes the people at Dateline do exactly that. In this case the story is one we've covered of a man who was on the run known only to officers at the time as Danny Wu. He killed a Pendleton woman and tried to kill another one year later.

For Morrision, he tries to ask the right questions that will let his interviewee do the storytelling. We asked him if there are ever questions he's concerned about asking.

"Oh totally, all the time. I sit across from someone who I may have only met minutes or hours earlier and I ask them questions more intimate than a family member would be prepared to ask them. There are all these cameras around. They know millions of people will watch and they answer the question."

Whether they feel they have something important to share or they just crack under pressure, Morrision says it's almost surprising how honest people can be. Sometimes people regret what they say or they don't like how they came across on TV.

"I mean I've found myself thinking about it all the time. When I go to sleep at night I think about that person I know is not happy with a story I did."

He believes his stories are honest. Sometimes the truths he reveals are just scary how real they are.

"The goal is to faithfully follow the story to whatever conclusion makes sense for the story itself, and for the people involved."

The story the crew is working on in Pendleton could air as early as this fall and the producers tell us it could very well be a two hour Friday night special.

NBC Right Now will have another preview of their work as we get closer to the airing of that special episode. 

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