Daughter of Estela Torres Rodriguez speaks out
Homicide victim Estela Torres Rodriguez

Homicide victim Estela Torres Rodriguez

5-13-19 UPDATE:

Our NBC Right Now team spoke with the daughter of Estela Torres Rodriguez, Gardenia Rodriguez.

"If I get my mom, I forgive the whole world to see her again," says Rodriguez. "I ask god to give me one more chance with her."

The family started a GoFundMe and Rodriguez says all the funds collected will go towards Estela's recovery if she is found alive.

A few days after she went missing, Gardenia Rodriguez says she bought a shovel trying to look for her mom anywhere and everywhere.

"I needed to buy a shovel. I had never bought a shovel all my life," Rodriguez says. "Before I even touched the shovel I cried so much and I told God why do I need to buy a shovel to go look for my mom in the dirt?"

Rodriguez also recommends her brother and father to turn themselves in.

"Have a little bit of heart and turn yourselves in, you are gonna be better in jail than wherever you are at trying to hide," Rodriguez said. "People are going to recognize you...you don't have a life no more."

Rodriguez asks that if people know of her mother or have seen her, to contact the police.

5-7-19 UPDATE:

FRANKLIN COUNTY, WA - 31-year-old Carlos Torres Rodriguez, who was arrested for first degree murder in connection with the disappearance and murder of his mother, Estella Rodriguez, was in court Tuesday morning. He pleaded not guilty and his bail remains at $1 million.

His next appearance in court will be for an omnibus hearing on May 28. 

5-2-19 UPDATE: 

FRANKLIN COUNTY, WA - A third suspect in the disappearance and believed murder of Estella Rodriguez on March 28, 2019 has been arrested.

Deputies say at about 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office arrested 31-year-old Carlos Rodriguez Torres of Richland for first degree murder in connection with the disappearance and murder of Estella Rodriguez on March 28, 2019.

Clemente Rodriguez and Tiburcio Rodriguez - the two initial suspects in the case - remain at large and Estella Rodriguez has not yet been found.

stolen vehicle

4-4-19 UPDATE:

FRANKLIN COUNTY, WA - On April 4 at about 3:30 a.m., Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputies were notified by the Adams County Sheriff' Office that the Ms. Rodriguez vehicle - a white 2006 Buick Rendezvous SUV with Washington License Number  BGM1666 had been found. The vehicle was abandoned at the Hatton Coulee Rest Area north of Connell near the intersections of Highway 395 and Highway 26.

Ms. Rodriguez was not with the vehicle has still not yet been found. She is 54 years old, 5-03, 200 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

Arrest warrants for Murder have been issued for Tiburcio Larios Rodriguez and Clemente Rodriguez-Torres. We believe both men are now clean shaven.

clean shaven suspect

Tirburcio Rodriguez was reported to be clean shaven now (see photo to right). He is believed to be driving his Yellow 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup with Washington Plate C51417N. A similar picture of the vehicle can be seen below.

suspect vehicle

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office at 509-545-3501 during business hours or 509-628-0333 for Dispatch.


FRANKLIN COUNTY, WA - Investigators say a woman missing from her home north of Pasco is likely a murder victim and authorities are looking for two suspects.

homicide suspects

Homicide suspects: Clemente Rodriguez Torres (left), Tiburcia Rodriguez (right).

Family members reported 54-year-old Estela Torres Rodriguez missing early Friday. She was last seen at her home Thursday morning, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office said.

At noon Monday, the sheriff's office said deputies now believe she may have been killed at the home.

The sheriff's office says her body may have been loaded into her SUV, a 2006 white Buick Rendezvous with Washington license plate BGM-1666.

Deputies are looking for two suspects, her husband, 63-year-old Tiburcio Larios Rodriguez and her son, 34-year-old Clemente Rodriguez Torres.

Her son is aware that police are looking for him, and authorities described her husband as "running from police." Both are believed to be armed, according to deputies.

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