Desert Oasis student turns his life around

OTHELLO, WA - Oscar Ventura is an 18-year old who overcame his drug addiction.

Ventura consumed different drugs throughout his middle teen years as a way to relive his anger and mental stress.

Ventura went through a suicidal stage in his life where he was on suicidal watch and needed to get counseling, but he said that wasn't enough and felt the need to "Numb the feelings" with drugs.

Last year, Ventura came to school intoxicated and that led to his suspension from Othello High School.

Upon his return, Ventura's counselor notified him about his credits' shortage and the only way to get him back on track was to send him to the alternative high school, Desert Oasis. 

Desert Oasis is an alternative school. Most of the students there are sent from the main high school because of their academic deficiency or their troublesome backgrounds.

"After four years I felt like I didn't need this," said Ventura about his drug usage. "I felt like I needed to stop it. I started to cut down people who I used to drink and smoke with."

Ventura started Desert Oasis as a changed and sober person. Ventura changed his old habits and turned that into motivation for others.

He is now the President for the student body at his school, a freshman at Columbia Basin College and a part time worker at a gas station.

He currently uses his leadership to inspire others to get rid of any addictions his peers might have and hopes others can follow his footsteps.

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