Despite a Wind Advisory, Some Wind Turbines in Kennewick Remain Motionless

MID-COLUMBIA, Wash - A wind advisory remains in effect at this hour throughout the Mid-Columbia.

The Washington State Patrol has turned back motorhomes and other wideloads on Interstate-82 between the Tri-Cities and Umatilla because of the high winds.

Ironically, the wind turbines in south Kennewick stand still this evening.

Energy Northwest says the turbines can't produce energy this week because the Bonneville Power Administration is working on transmission lines.

The high winds--with gust up to 50-miles an hour-- have tumbleweeds on the move.

Fences, walls,backyards and roadsides have become new homes for tumbleweeds.

Benton Public Utility District crews remain on stand by in case the high winds bring down power lines.

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