Digital Tomosynthesis

YAKIMA, WA - Research shows more than 40,000 women in the U.S. are expected to die from breast cancer this year.

Detecting breast cancer in its early stages is crucial and 'Ohana Memorial's Mammogrpahy Center in Yakima is making it, it's mission to do just that.

"More women than ever are surviving because of the early detection and that's what we're all about here," said Nancy Roehr, Senior Manager, 'Ohana.

Aside from the new technology the center has like a Digital Tomosynthesis machine, which creates a 3D image and helps reduce the false positives and callbacks; the center is also making it easier for women to get their breast checked by bringing in additional staff.

"What women can now do is, if they feel a lump or an abnormality in their then they could go see their provider but if they can't get in right away and they are concerned about that they can call over here see Courtney she can do an exam and then she can order imaging for them and then for women that don't have a doctor Courtney can see them also," said Roehr.

Roehr says having a provider at the center saves patients a lot of time.

"So if you had to wait a week to get your doctors appointment and then they evaluate you and then order the mammogram and then you come in and we try to get you on the schedule and it takes seven days, so that;s like two weeks. So with her here we can do it pretty much as soon as the patient finds it," said Roehr.

Roehr also says 'Ohana patients who come in don't have to wait days for their results. She says results are available that same day.

In Yakima County over 300 women a year are diagnosed with breast cancer.

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