girls circle and boys council

KENNEWICK,WA- February is teen dating awareness month and the Domestic Violence Services of Benton and Franklin Counties offers two teen dating programs.

The two programs are called the Boy's Council and the Girl's Circle and they are once a week 30 minute meeting that helps mentor teens about dating.

The goal of both programs is to teach teens about what constitutes a healthy relationship. Zac Shileika who leads the Boy's Council wants the boys in the group to open up about their emotions so that it can lead to healthier relationships down the road.    

"We teach them how to express feelings such as sadness or being let down by a partner or understand you don't have to control a partner," said Shileika.  "You don't have to have power over a partner you don't need to be dominate over a partner in order to have a healthy relationship."

Andreina Olguin who leads the Girl's Circle uses a formula called the "I Statement" which allows girls to tell their partner how they are feeling. The formula helps make the girls' feelings clear towards their partner. 

"We let the girls know that it is very important to express ourselves when it comes to talking to other peers," said Olguin. 

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