Downtown Yakima coffee shop offering fresh roasted coffee and open mic night

Photo Courtesy: MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters 

YAKIMA, WA- MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters' name is as unique as it sounds. 

Owner, Mark Shervey said MAK stands for his daughters names, Megan, Alyssa and Kayla. 

The downtown coffee shop opened last December but started off at the Downtown Yakima Farmers Market. 

Shervey said they "started at the Downtown Yakima Farmers Market last year, we had a great time towards the end of it our customers were asking what we were going to do in the winter time and, that spurred us to open up MAK Daddy's." 

MAK Daddy's has unique drinks from pour overs to items on the summer menu like their Mint Mojito Iced Latte. 

Thursday nights are open mic night, Shervey said "it's open to all types of artist whether you are a musician a poet or a comedian so we offer formats and a venue so people can come in sign up and have 15 minutes of fame." 

MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters are open every day from 6 a.m. to midnight seven days a week. 

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