Water report

YAKIMA, WA - Drinking high-quality tap water instead of buying plastic water bottles can help families save money.

For less than two dollars, people can get 748 gallons of tap water, which is about 1,400 water bottles full of water said Yakima's water and irrigation manager, David Brown.

The city of Yakima and surrounding areas all get its water from the Naches Water Treatment Plant, which takes water from the Naches River, then filters it before use.

"We clean it up to meet federal and state standards, and then go a little beyond that to make sure we have good quality water," said Brown.

And drinking more tap water helps reduce plastic waste in landfills.

"That's really good for the environments and we all like to have a nice, clean, pleasant environment," said Brown.

The state has more than 900 water treatment plants, which all obey state and federal requirements for healthy drinking water.

Brown said they add fluoride, which helps prevent cavities, to the water for more health benefits. He said they go above and beyond the requirements to ensure safety.

The water is tested for chlorine and arsenic every day said, Brown. He said if those levels become unsafe, he lets the city know immediately.

The Naches Water Treatment Plant will be testing its water for lead and copper later this summer but Brown said he's not worried.