Driving With Your Hands At 10 and 2 Could Be  A Thing of the Past

NBC RIGHT NOW-- If you drive by the rules you learned back in Driver's ED, a new study shows you might be doing it all wrong.

As cars have become safer over the years, AAA said the steering wheel and air bag technology have changed, so those familiar driving habits have changed as well. 

Staff at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said if you are driving with your hands at ten and two, it could cost you if your airbag deploys.     

Not only could you injure your hands or arms, you could end up with a broken nose if you accidentally hit yourself in the face.

Instead many driving instructors are now saying you should grip the wheel at 9 and 3.

Some even recommend 8 and 4, but researchers said you will not have as much control of your car.

One other thing, the safety administration staff said you are also turning wrong.

Instead of that "hand over hand" method, you are supposed to push the wheel up with one hand and pull it down with the other without crossing over.

That way you will keep your arms out of the way if your airbags deploy.

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