East Valley teacher says she didn't do it

YAKIMA, Wash.- The East Valley teacher accused of having sex with her student said she didn't do it. Michele Taylor denied going to K-Mart and having sex with her student. 

Michele continued her testimony. On the night of the alleged sex with her student, Taylor said she was at home reading. Her defense attorney asked Michele to respond to the teen's allegation.

"You went to K-Mart and had sex in the back of your truck. I need you to tell these people whether that's true," said Taylor's attorney.

"No. That is not true. That did not happen," said Taylor.

The alleged victim says Michele and him kissed at school. The defense asked Michele if she tried to seduce her student or had any sexual encounters with him.

"At that point did you begin to kiss him?" asked her attorney.

"No," said Taylor.

"Hug him?" he asked.

"No," said Taylor.

"Was he squeezing your butt or your breasts?" said Taylor's Attorney.

"No," said Taylor.

Michele Taylor testified to calling and texting two of her students. In both cases, she claims she was reaching out to help them.

The prosecuting attorney argued that conduct was not appropriate, especially at 11 p.m.

"He felt like I betrayed him," said Michele Taylor.

"It sounds more like a relationship, betrayal, doesn't it? Rather than a counselor, rather than you acting as a counselor," said the prosecuting attorney.

Records show on one day Taylor and one of her male students texted over 30 times.

Both the prosecution and defense are expected to present closing arguments Tuesday and then the case goes to the jury.  

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