YAKIMA, WA - Egan Lane structure fire report from Yakima County Fire District 5. 

Yakima County Fire Protection District No. 5 Media Release:

Incident Summary: Dispatched to a shed fire at 90 Egan Lane. The first arriving units found one RV trailer completely burned to the ground and a second trailer burning. There was a large pile of burning trash between the first trailer and structure that started the structure burning. The structure had fire half way throughout and in the attic. Due to the metal roof and remodeling of the house through the years, it made it very difficult to get into the attic space to extinguish the fire. From information gathered from the home owner, the fire was believed to have started from a burn barrel. The fire was turned over to tribal police for further investigation.

Time of Alarm: 08:12:56

Time of Control: 15:00

Incident Address: 90 Egan Lane

Type of Incident: Structure Fire

Property Occupants: 3

Type of Property Loss: Residential Signal family dwelling

Estimated Dollar Loss: 90,000

Number of YCFD5 Stations Responding: 5

Total Number of Responding Firefighters: 20

Other Assisting Agencies: PP&L

Status of Fire: See Summary

Any Injuries/Significant Events: None

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