thank you

SELAH, WA - An act of kindness has left one mother thankful to know she's raising her children in a community that cares about the small things.

Last week when five year old Kaiden came home from school his mom noticed a note in his backpack.

"He had a little note and a picture in his bag it said, 'I'm sorry I cut your shirt,'" said Hannah Humpherys, Kaiden's mom.

With his hand Kaiden formed a small circle and said the hole wasn't that big.

"I asked him what happened, and he said that his friend Jace had cut his own shirt and then cut Kaidens shirt, and he wasn't that upset about it, but he was still a little upset," said Kaiden's mom.

That frowned turned upside down when Kaiden got a gift from Jace.

"He gave me a new shirt and it's this one that I'm wearing right now," said Kaiden.

Kaiden received two new shirts. He said, "The one I like the mostest is this one, Spider Man."

All this has left Kaiden's mom thankful to know her kids are growing up in a community that cares about the small things.

"I think it's super cool that at such a young age he's acquired friends that will be willing to apologize, and he's willing to forgive, and their teaching a life lessons about you know, it's okay to make mistakes, and it's okay to ask for forgiveness," said Kaiden's mom.

"Thank you Jace. Thank you Jace!" shouts Kaiden.

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