Emergency crews preparing for snow storm
BENTON COUNTY, WA - With a potential winter storm coming this weekend many are just starting to prepare for major snow, but fire and emergency officials have been preparing since October and November. 
"We have full size iron chains for the drivers, the vehicles have studded tires to help us get around," said Chief Lonnie Click of Benton County Fire District 1.
It's not just modifying the fire engines, it's also taking advantage of new resources. Benton County Fire District 1 purchased two new snow plows this year. They plan on using these in a new way if snow becomes too heavy to help cut down response time in the snow. 
"We have two pickup truck-style vehicles now with snowplows on it; if we have to we will take our own snow plow and go down the roads where we can get into the address," said Chief Click. 
Over in Pasco, things are a bit different having to deal with a city rather than a county. With less space to work with and more obstacles, Pasco Fire Department has resorted to using a communication system with the city's transportation crews to help clear a path in areas they need access to.
"We can actually call the snowplow on the radio and have them come out there to that street so we can transport people off that street," said Ben Shearer, Pasco Fire Community Risk Reduction. 
Both departments are confident with these preparations and new systems that they are prepared for snow this year. 

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