YAKIMA, WA - "Kids still know more about technology than adults do and that's no different with schools," said Chris Weedin, project manager for school safety operations and coordination center.

Before social media teachers would protect kids from issues at school now with students online, teachers are dealing with issues beyond the classroom. Issues that include sexting and social media threats.

"Our schools are dealing more and more with these incidents affecting the school day for our children, so they are tasked with dealing with these issues on a daily bases that maybe something they don't get traditional training on," said Kelly Crouch, the strategic advisor for Washington States internet crimes against children unit.

Educational Service District 105 hosted cyber safety day. The idea behind it was to help school staff be prepared for these situations. Staff got tips and advise from the internet crimes against children unit, the Yakima County prosecutor, and the Yakima Police Department.

"The idea is to bring those people together and provide allies and to provide tools as they deal with cyber safety," said Weedin.

Crouch even had some tips for parents.

"No electronics in the bedroom. No electronics at night, making sure there is a central location within the home that we've agreed upon. Making sure they're aware of what social media their kids actually have," said Crouch.

At the beginning of the school year districts in our area posted information on apps that every parent should be aware of.

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