Experience local breweries without having to drive yourself

YAKIMA, WA - No one wants to get a DUI, and that's why you always want to have a designated driver.

Now there is a new bus in Yakima to get you to and from your favorite watering hole.

The bus is called "Little Hopper," and it's designed for you to be able to hop on and off to explore breweries during the night... allowing you to get a taste of what local breweries have to offer.

"Breweries started to emerge in Yakima and really change the landscape of how we socialize, how we drink beer, I thought how can I become part of this excitement," said Wendy King, the owner of "Little Hopper".

Wendy started Little Hopper as a way to get into the hop business.

"I wanted to offer a service that really enabled locals as well as visitors to the valley to experience the amazing beers that are brewed here and also all the fun environment of all the various breweries and tap rooms," said King.

With her passion, Wendy has been able to help others.

"There is a need, there really an incredible need. We don't want to drink and drive the numbers are, one fatality is too many so part of the "Little Hopper's" mission is to that real safe experience between breweries," said King.

Little Hoppers will travel between four and five breweries a night, looping around every 45 minutes.

"The Little Hopper will stop at a place four to five times so you'll have the option to hopping on to the next one of wait and finish your beer and go to the next one. It really offers a lot of flexibility for the rider and what they want to do," said King.

At the end of the night if you're feeling like you can't drive, you'll have options.

King has partnered with "Think Twice" to get you home safely.

"At the end of those tours if you feel like you've had a little too much to drink or you need a bit of down time you will have that opportunity here ever that drop off is and we will provide a single use DUI test through "Think Twice," said King.

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