Experts say don't diagnose yourself with a mental health disorder
YAKIMA, WA - Words like depression, anxiety, and OCD have become very common.

While some people can be led to believe they have one of these disorders, sometimes that isn't the case.
Now a days if someone isn't feeling great, they can go online and look up their symptoms. The vice president of Comprehensive Healthcare in Yakima says that's not always the best idea.
Tim Shields says it's important to always look at your medical history before diagnosing.

Pop culture has created "stereotypes" for many mental health disorders. For example if a loved on passes away, you have the right to feel sad. Tim says people will start connecting their sadness with depression, which isn't always the same.

When dealing with mental illness Shields says people will see it impacting their daily life.
"The main things to look for is an impact in their daily life. You use to be able to go to work right and now it's a struggle. You're not going to work, you're starting to miss work. For kids if their school work starts to go down or if they're social activities start to be impacted, they no longer want to do them," says Shields. 
Shields says the best thing someone can do if they have a question on the state of their mental health is to contact a licensed therapist.

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