Fall grape harvest

PASCO, WA - Farmers in our area are in the middle of fall grape harvest season. This year, thanks to better weather, harvest is shaping up to be a great one. 

At Sagemoor Farms, they pick anywhere from 1 to 40 tons a day, either by hand or sometimes with a harvester.

Lacey Lybeck, a local farmer who's been in the grape business for years now,  describes the wine making process as part science and part art.

Teams of four work together to harvest the grapes, sometimes they'll work together all season long to remove leaves and make sure the sunlight is hitting the clusters just right.

"It's a lot of long hours both in the vineyard to prepare the grapes for harvest and a lot of passion in the winery as well," says Lybeck. 

Winemakers go out to the vineyards as early as July to taste the grapes, look at the crops and analyze what potential is really out there for their wines. 

"We tend to these vines year round and harvest is just when we get to send them on their way to the winemakers," says Lybeck. 

Lybeck says this season the overall milder weather has helped play a part in making the grapes flourish. 

Every year during harvest, Sagemoor participates in Road Trip Washington Wine, where a group of people from all over the nation who sell wine visit vineyards during harvest season.