Families in Yakima reunited after years

YAKIMA, WA - Imagine not seeing a family member for over 10 years. Unfortunately, that's the case for some people in our community.

With the help of just one woman, 25 families were reunited last night.

Nueva Vision Latino America is an organization that has been bringing families together all across the Untied States.

"It all started like a hobby; I wanted to do something to make my parents proud. So I started looking into the reuniting of families," said Christian Palacios, lawyer and owner of program.

It was a moment like no other, says Lorena Cabrera, who hadn't seen her mother in over 13 years. It was the first time Cabrera's mom met her grandchildren.

"I am so excited, there are no words to describe my excitement," Lorena Cabrera's mother.

Palacios says they've been able to help over two thousand families come together and she hopes that number keeps growing.

"Every event is different - they each hold their own special moments. The truth is we wouldn't change this program," said Palacios.

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