YAKIMA, WA - Fruit city has been serving fresh produce to the Yakima Valley and beyond since 1966. Their specialty? Home-made smoked garlic.

"Everybody in this valley knows us as The Boys, we have a great following, we do deal with a lot of the tourism but this is where the locals shop," said co-owner, Lynn St Aubin

St Aubin is just one of the brothers that now runs the family business. He's also the one who smokes the garlic at home.

"That's the best way to do it so i can babysit it so to speak, takes anywhere  from 6 to 9 hours depending on the temperature of the day but once it turns out, it's fabulous!" said St Aubin.

He's been smoking garlic for the past ten years.

Most of their produce is from local farms but not the garlic.

"What makes this garlic so unique, is that I'm getting this garlic out of Gilroy, California, the capital of the world," said Aubin, "I've used local garlic, and for some reason this smokes up so much nicer."

St Aubin said he thanks his local loyal customers for keeping them busy all day, every day.

One customer said she's been going to Fruit City for 30 years.

"I remember my first time coming here, was with my mother, we had just moved to Selah, and mom was down from Alaska and she just went nuts with all the fresh produce," said customer Jacqueline.

She said she hasn't tried the smoked garlic but will be back to try them next time.

Starting this winter, people can get a bundle of five bulbs delivered to their door nationwide said St Aubin.