LAS VEGAS, Nevada - We were the first station to tell you about the search for 7-year-old Heidi Rus who police said was kidnapped by her mom who doesn't have custody of her. 

Since October we've followed the search for the little Pasco girl.  That search has sent police all over the country following up on tips generated from wanted posters.

As soon as Federal Marshals called Tom Rus to tell him his daughter had been found on Friday, he flew to Las Vegas to pick her up.  That's where her mother, Michelle Finley, had rented an apartment and was allegedly hiding from police.

Since Sunday, Heidi and her dad have gone sight seeing in Las Vegas. Tom said his daughter is adjusting well to being back with him.

The Pendleton Police Department, Federal Marshals and America's Most Wanted , to name a few, all fought to get Heidi back to her father.  For now, Michelle Finley is waiting to be sent back to Oregon to face charges for taking her daughter while she was supposed to be on a supervised visit.

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