RICHLAND, WA - Jose L. Rosas Olivo, a 28 year-old Richland resident, was booked in Benton County Jail Friday at around 8:20pm for assault of a child in the first degree. The child was his five-week old son. 

At 7am September 24th, Richland Police Officers were dispatched to what court documents describe as "Suspicious Circumstances" at Kadlec Medical Center in Richland. A nurse reported on an unresponsive 5-week old infant brought into the emergency room by his parents. Richland Police reported that life-saving measures were reported by hospital personal; however, the baby was determined to be deceased before arriving to the hospital.

Benton County Deputy Coroner Nicole Lee told Richland Police Department for an investigation. Initial information detailed that the infant was pronounced dead at 5:55am. Cause of death was still unknown.

Christopher R. Mason, the arresting officer, said the parents complied with discussing the events that lead up to their son's death and having their vehicle and bedroom searched by detectives. 

The autopsy on October 1st showed that the baby died of multiple injuries including a skull fracture, bleeding under the scalp, multiple rib fractures and a lacerated liver.

Richland Police Detectives, who have since opened an investigation, said probable cause proves the biological father, being Rosas Olivo, is responsible for the baby's injuries. 

Jose Luis Rosas-Olivo admitted to police during a post-Miranda recorded interview that he repeatedly hurt his son by throwing/dropping him into the crib from a high length, squeezing him until it appeared he stopped breathing, and squeezing his head against Rosas-Olivo's body until the baby would stop crying. Rosas-Olivo said he did this to the baby so many times over the past few weeks leading up to his death that he lost count.

He also confirmed with police he "tried to be good father" but grew increasingly frustrated and struggled with depression, taking out his frustration on his son. Rosas-Olivo would do these actions when the baby's mother was in another room so that she would not see. She confirmed to police she was not aware Rosas-Olivo was doing this to her baby.

On the day of the baby's death, Rosas-Olivo woke up to check on the baby fearing he hurt him severely and discovered the baby was deceased.

This is an ongoing investigation of the infant's death. Detectives are currently awaiting the final report from the medical examiner. Rosas-Olivo is scheduled to appear in court again at a later date.