water conservation

WEST RICHLAND, WA- Federal bureaucrats made a stop in West Richland for a listening session Wednesday to further discuss the 2018 Farm Bill. Many topics were discussed but the most discussed topic was water conservation.

One speaker was Congressman Dan Newhouse. In addition to Newhouse the National Resources Conservation Service Associate Chief Kevin Norton was in attendance. Norton is from Washington D.C. and he had a hand in crafting the 2018 Farm Bill. Norton stressed that the Farm Bill will treat every state differently when it comes to rain water.

"What we want to do is continue to allow these conservation programs to be driven locally," said Norton. "Where our state conservationists are working with the state technical committee and the partners here in the state can shape the programs more effectively for delivering the conservation needs you have right here in Washington," said Norton. 

After meeting with several farmers and answering their questions Norton ensured he wants to continue to meet the needs of farmers across America and in Washington.

"My takeaway here is let's make sure we continue to have the flexibility so the leaders here in the state of Washington can actually build out a program for their service for the variety of things that I heard here today," said Norton. 

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