FEMA talks about how to prepare adults and kids for a natural disaster

YAKIMA, WA- September is National Preparedness Month.

A National poll by the University of Michigan finds many older adults are not prepared for emergency situations.

The survey included over 22-hundred people between the ages of 50 and 80.

It shows less than half have signed up for emergency warning systems offered by their community.

Yakima Valley Emergency Management says the best way to prepare is start with a plan.

"There's really three major steps. That's make a plan with your family figure out how you are going to get together, how you are going to talk to each other and what you are going to do in the event of a disaster," said Horace Ward, Yakima Valley Emergency Management.

The second step would be to make a kit with non-perishable food, water, extra batteries, and to keep important documents all in one place.

The last step is to get informed.

Yakima Valley Emergency Management offers Alert Yakima emergency notifications.

Kids can also get prepared early by playing free online games at ready.gov/kids 

One game called Disaster Master has 8 levels on different type of disasters. 

Level 1 - Wildfire

Level 2 - Tornado

Level 3 - Hurricane/Blackout

Level 4 - Home Fire

Level 5: Winter Storm/Extreme Cold

Level 6 - Tsunami/Earthquake

Level 7: Thunderstorm/Lightning

Level 8: The Hot Seat

"Build a kit" is another game where kids learn how to put an emergency kit together. 

Emergency management says getting kids involved in a fun way will prepare them as they grow up.

Ward said one way to get your kids involved is to tell them "here's what were going to do. Were going to move in a central location in the house but it's going to be fun we'll make a game out of it."

He also says "kids learn a different way and if they are engaged they really soak that in." 

Ready.gov has more details on how to prepare for any emergency. 

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