Fentanyl in the Tri-Cities

KENNEWICK, WA - There's a different kind of drug going around the Tri-Cities. It's called Fentanyl and it's part of the opioid family. The drug is known in the streets as "Mexis" or "blues."

People are getting these pills confused with their prescribed medication, meaning they might not even know what they're taking.

"The problem that we have sometimes is that people will become addicted to prescription medication. When that prescription runs out, they are still addicted to it," said Drew Florence, Detective Sergeant with Richland Police Department.

When people run out of their prescribed medication, they seek out drugs like "Mexis" to feed their addiction.

The "Mexis" or "Blues" can be made anywhere if someone has the right materials - which can even be bought online. 

The manufacturers of these drugs can disguise them to look like anything they want, even other pills. This is how people get confused.

Not only are the police cracking down on cases, they also have a temporary solution for those under the influence of the deadly drug.

It's another medication called Narcan, or Naloxone, which is made to fight a possible opioid overdose. You can buy this medicine over the counter at local pharmacies all over Washington.

The biggest red flag that someone is using opioids is when they are coming off the drug, they look sleepy and they could have a change in behavior.

If you know someone who might be using these drugs or bought the "Mexis" from someone out of confusion, you can always give police an anonymous tip.

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