Fire destroys mobile home

FINLEY, Wash. --  A home that would be full of people celebrating thanksgiving dinner is reduced to ruble and ash.

A fire destroyed a mobile home earlier today, but friends say the family is not alone, "... they're an awesome family and they're going to stick together, they have a lot of family standing all around here and I know they're people of faith and they know everything is going to turn out all right,"says family friend Jennifer Morris.

The fire started at 10:45 this morning in a laundry room. Shortly afterwards the flames spread out of control engulfing the entire house by the time fire fighters responded.

"By the time our fire crews arrived from our first station, there was heavy fire to the single wide mobile home. The mobile home is a total loss as far as contents in the building itself," says Mike Harris, Division Chief for Benton County Fire District 1.

Fighting fires is nothing new for Harris, but seeing them on days like today isn't easy, "... it's tough to see anytime of the year, but it gets a little harder especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas for one you hate to see anybody lose any of their belongings on or close to the holidays."

Close family friends like Jennifer Morris, hope the holiday spirit moves people to help, "it's thanksgiving, we're entering into the season of giving so I hope maybe the community and our church will I know rally around and help those people restore the things to carry on with their life and to be comfortable and have a great Christmas too."

Right now fire district number one is investigating the cause of the fire. For now, the family is getting help from the red cross and family friends and relatives.

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