The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Firefighter Stair climb is the biggest on-air stair climbing competition around the world. 

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The fundraiser has been held for 32 years now at the Columbia Center mall. With over 2,000 participants, all career, volunteer or retire firefighters, climb up one of the tallest sky scrappers on the West side of the Mississippi River. 

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Every step is a reminder to those who participate the battle other have had with Leukemia and Lymphoma, representing a step closer to the cure. 

All money raised for during the events will benefit research and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Since the event first started in 1991, it has raised over $20 million 

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This year Kennewick Fire Department will be joining in on the challenge as well as the Umatilla Fire District #1. 

KFD says, "We climb because beating cancer is in our blood."

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If you're unable to participate, you can still help by donating to KFD or selecting a firefighter on the team.