First STEAM school at West Valley helps kids prepare for the future

WEST VALLEY, WA - The West Valley School District has introduced an all STEAM elementary school.

This is the first of its kind in the Yakima Valley. Students at Wide Hollow Elementary participate in STEAM lessons.

It's a program that features common school standards with STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art and math. School Principal Rick Ferguson says by introducing this program students are preparing for their future.

"As they move through our education system and even into the job market it's great that they're being introduced to a lot of this language, to a lot of these concepts, a lot of these skills. I kind of say this a lot to our staff, we're sending them off to jobs that maybe don't even exist today," said Ferguson

Grants and donations helped build the school's STEAM lab.

"When you see these kids in the STEAM lab and they're doing STEAM activities they're not bored, you have 100 percent engagement so learning doesn't take place in boredom, it's a great opportunity for kids to be excited about learning," said Ferguson.

Ferguson says while they might be the only STEAM school, the district's high schools and middle schools have classes so students' skills can continue to grow.

"You can go to our junior high and some of the coding we have done here, you're just taking it to another level. We might be doing simple block coding here at the elementary level and by the time they're at the junior high they're line coding and doing something's that are very technical," said Ferguson.

He hopes other local districts add STEAM programs so they can work together in the future to help kids grow.

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