Healthy Wage

Miranda Broomfield won almost 3,000 dollars for losing more than 80 pounds with Healthy wage. 

YAKIMA, WA - People can win up to 10,000 dollars with Healthy Wage by losing the amount of weight they choose. 

Every person gets a prize amount that's personalized for them based on their body type, goal weight, and amount of time needed.

"We want to offer enough money to motivate you to accomplish your goal," said co-founder, David Roddenberry.

The bigger the bet, the bigger the prize.

"People who are looking to lose just a few pounds need less motivation than people who are looking to lose a lot," said Roddenberry.

Money is the ultimate motivator, especially when people are close to giving up.

"We all have these external motivating factors like our health and our family, but oftentimes that's not enough," said Roddenberry.

Roddenberry said within ten years they paid 20 million dollars to successful participates, with more than 30,000 people winning big.

"What really gets our team jazzed up is seeing and hearing from those successful participants," said Roddenberry.

Success rates do vary because people can buy more time to lose their goal weight said, Roddenberry. He said almost half of people who sign up do get their earnings back.

Roddenberry said Healthy Wage is backed by science. He said studies show financial incentives increase the want to do something, including losing weight.