YAKIMA, WA - Staying fit and exercising can be hard on your body, especially when feeling sore. Massage therapy can help your body feel and move better in your next workout.

"It's kind of like thinking of a rubber band that lost its stretch, we're giving that stretch back," said a Muscle Release Medical Massage therapist, Liz Kelley-Miller.

Kelley-Miller said when your muscles are hurting, it's your body telling you to stop. If you don't, you can cause long-term damage to your muscles.

That's when Kelley-Miller comes to the rescue.

"We're breaking up that fascia and allowing natural movement to return to muscles which also increase oxygen and blood flow into the area," said Kelley-Miller.

Fascia is what keeps muscles in place and can easily tighten and hurt when overworked. That's why it's important to stretch after a workout.

"If you're somebody that likes to go out and play hard and not take care of your muscles, you're going to be seeing us every week," said Kelley-Miller.

But it's not just exercising that can strain your muscles, it can be things you do every day.

Crossing your legs or sitting on a wallet are very common causes of having lower back pain or a pelvic shift said Kelley-Miller.

Kelley-Miller said if your muscles still feel sore or hurt even after stretching, you should talk with a massage therapist.