YAKIMA, WA - Attract and feed local birds with some homemade birdseed ornaments. Bird-watching has never been easier than just right outside your window.

All you need:

1 Cup of Birdseed of any kind

1/4 Cup Flour

1/4 Cup Water

2 Tablespoons of Corn Syrup

Cookies cutters or jar lids for molds

Straws or Q-tips

Twine or ribbon

Mix well. Fill mix into cookie cutters or any jar lids. Make a small hole at the top of each using straws or q-tips. Keep the straws or q-tips in while they dry for 24 hours. Then tie twine or ribbon through holes to hang.

Send me photos of your ornaments at lindsey.jensen@nbcrightnow.com

Keep your kids' minds active and body fit- even on a snow day. Some other fun indoor activities include puzzles, making paper snowflakes, an obstacle course, or playing hopscotch with tape on your floor.

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