YAKIMA, WA - Elaina Moon, owner of Healthy Eats Nutrition Services, is over-the-moon excited to give people a new recipe book, Cooking Healthy, filled with 77 plant-based recipes. 


"I want to see Yakima be a healthy place to live," said Moon, "I think when we are healthy as a community, we're thriving as a community."


Moon said there aren't many resources to help and teach people to eat healthy in Yakima, that's why she wanted to help - one recipe at a time. 


She said when people eat good, they feel good.


"It doesn't just affect our immediate health but it affects our family, affects us financially, and affects the way we operate day-to-day," said Moon.


Cooking Healthy is free with Kindle Unlimited and only 10 dollars without. Mood said she wanted to make this book affordable and accessible to everyone.


Moon has been teaching cooking classes and coaching people since 2015.


"In the five years I've been open, it's never been about the business side of it, it's always been about how many people can I help," said Moon.


Cooking Healthy will be available in print within the month. Moon said she hopes to bring back in-person cooking classes and coaching by July 1st.