YAKIMA, WA - The National Weather Service issued a flood advisory for western Yakima County Monday due to a large amount of snowmelt in the Cascades and heavy rainfall expected overnight. 

The advisory will stay in place until Wednesday, January 13, 2021. As of now, only minor flooding is expected and could potentially impact roadways. 

However, on Facebook, Yakima Valley Emergency Management (YVEM) warned people to keep an eye on water levels and be prepared to move to higher ground if they feel unsafe.

According to their website, a good way to prepare for an emergency is to prepare a 'go bag' with six essential things. These things include food, water, first aid, clothes and bedding, tools, and other special items like prescriptions or important documents.

Another way to prepare is to have a plan set in place. That means knowing alternative routes and knowing where you are going if you have to evacuate. If you plan on going to a public shelter, keep in mind that most of them don't allow pets. If you don't have a car make a plan to leave town with friends or neighbors in the event of an evacuation. 

Lastly, know when to turn around. According to YVEM, most flood deaths happen in vehicles, so if you see a flooded road 'turn around, don't drown'.

To stay up to date on what's happening in your area, you can sign up for emergency alerts here: Alert Yakima | Yakima County, WA