Pendleton flooding

UPDATE: 1:27 P.M.

Overnight, flooding levels at McKay Creek remained the same. At 6pm Saturday night, the Bureau of Reclamation placed the flow at 2750 cubic feet per second (cfs) and flows remain steady.

Flooding has been happening throughout Umatilla County since Wednesday, April 10th. There are many other areas affected including Walla Walla River, Mill Creek, Wildhorse River, Pine Creek, Stanfield and Echo areas. Ukiah declared a state of emergency on Wednesday.

Water levels remain high and will continue to be monitored.

Authorities are requesting that nonessential personnel stay away from the areas affected, for their safety. Leaving it open for emergency support and public departments to work.

At this time scheduled press releases will be sent out daily at 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Pendleton, OR - A flood warning remains in effect for Northwestern Umatilla county.

Bureau of Reclamation has increased flows out of McKay Creek Reservoir to 2500 cfs. There will be a gradual increase to 2750 cfs.

These flows are planned to remain in place for several days to increase capacity in the reservoir. This will change if weather predictions change. Residents should use sandbags to protect their property.

The National Weather Service is urging people to stay away from the creeks because they may be unstable and could collapse.

The Red Cross has set up an emergency shelter at the Pendleton Convention Center. The shelter provides food and lodging. Residents can also park RV and other trailers at that location. RV power is available. The shelter can be reached by calling 541-410-7811

An Alert Sense notification has been issued to those who have signed up to receive notices to their phones. A person can receive notices by visiting the City of Pendleton website at and follow the Alert Sense link on the main page.

For additional information you can call 541-966-3671. 

There is not a scheduled evacuation at this time. In the unlikely event that an evacuation should occur, the following routes have been established for safety, congestion and efficiency purposes:

1. SW 44th Street/WEST side of McKay Creek/WEST side of Struve Bridge will proceed south per the attached map on Korvola Road. Emphasis is placed on not crossing McKay Creek.

2.  SW 41st Street/EAST side of McKay Creek will proceed southeast. 

3. SW Kirk Extension/EAST side of Struve Bridge/37th Street will proceed northeast to SW Hailey Avenue. 

For more information head to: 

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