YAKIMA, WA - With all the snow on the ground and more expected, what will happen when it melts?

The city of Yakima has been thinking ahead and has been developing a flood plan.

"Well we've actually been in flood preparation for the whole year," said Cliff Moore, Yakima city manager.

Several meetings have already taken place with the most recent one on Tuesday.

The meetings help assure what resources are available and make sure every agency is on the same page.

Wide Hollow and Cowiche are the two creeks concerning the city of flooding.

During the two previous flooding seasons the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) says snow levels were actually higher.

"The past two flood seasons, which was 2015- 2016 and 2016-2017 we had about 34 inches of low level snow like this. Right now we've only got on average around 20 inches of snow so we're a little less actually," said Horace Ward, Senior Emergency Planner, OEM.

Regardless of those numbers the city and the county have already started preparations to avoid any potential flooding.

"We've done an enormous amount of brush clearing in Wide Hollow Creek, creating a better pathway for the water flow," said Moore.

If any homes or business are damaged property owners can call emergency management.

"We actually work through a process where they can either call us or we'll have a volunteer organization active in disaster like Southern Baptist or Team Rubicon that will go out and do damage assessment on their homes," said Ward.

Ward also recommends that property owners be prepared by keeping an eye on the weather conditions and by having an emergency kit ready in case they are trapped in due to any flooding.

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